The Responsible Endowments Fund is a partnership between the Responsible Endowments Coalition, As You Sow, and student and alumni groups around the country. The funds are held in donor advised funds at the Triskeles Foundation

The Responsible Endowments Fund will be invested while the fund is being held to increase the amount of money to colleges, while ensuring a positive impact, and demonstrating the benefits of a responsibly invested endowment. A committee made up of responsible investment experts, students, and board members from the Responsible Endowments Coalition works with Federal Street Advisors to advise the Triskeles Foundation on investment decisions for the Fund.

Fund Investment Policies 

The Responsible Endowments Fund is intended to be a model of responsible investment. We want it to be everything that most college endowments are not. Transparent. Thoughtful. Intentional about having a positive impact. And responsive to our constituents. To that end the Responsible Endowments Fund has worked with our advisors to set up two preliminary documents to govern the investments of the fund. Those policies are the Statement of Investment Beliefs and the Investment Policy Statement. We believe that these documents should govern any responsible investment portfolio. The Responsible Endowments Fund is also subject to Triskeles Foundation's broader investment policies.

For more information read our Statement of Investment Beliefs & Investment Policy Statement.

Fund Investments

To date the Fund has been invested with Portfolio21 Investments. With the current size of the fund we are limited to public equity (stock) investments though plan to expand to other asset classes. You can read more about Portfolio21's philosophy, engagement strategy, and holdings on their website here.

Fund Spending Policies

The Responsible Endowment Fund will be dispersed to colleges per the requirements listed on each colleges page by agreement between the Responsible Endowment Fund Management Committee and the Sponsor of each respective fund. The Fund for Leadership In Responsible Investing gives small grants to support students at colleges and universities as will decided by a student advisory committee. 

Management Committee

The Fund Management Committee currently includes Vonda Brunsting (REC Board), Jerome Tagger (REC Board), Dan Cmejla (UVM Student), and Ben Collins (Harvard Alumnus.) The management committee is advised by Federal Street Advisors, a respected investment consultant advising and managing over $1 billion in assets in Boston, Massachusetts.


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