What happens to the money if the college doesn’t divest?


When you set up your REF, your campaign will have to decide on specific terms which will determine when and if the money is given to your campus, and a specific timeline by which those demands must be met.  Each campaign has the option to decide how the money will be used if your college does not meet the demands by the deadline listed in your fund’s terms.  The Triskeles Foundation will receive the final recommendations from the Fund's advisors as to the disbursement of the funds. Some campaigns have decided to donate the contents of the fund to environmental justice organizations near their campus.  Others have chosen to donate the accumulated money to the Divestment Student Network to continue growing the divestment movement.  Some campaigns, such as Swarthmore Mountain Justice are choosing to dedicate 2% of their fund to Responsible Endowments Coalition for our ongoing work supporting the student divestment movement.  We are happy to work with you throughout the process of establishing your REF to help you define specific demands, timeline, and a contingency plans for the money if your demands are not met.  To see sample demands and stipulations for existing REF’s, check out our website at www.giveresponsibly.org.


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